Free Express Shipping on orders over $40!


FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING ON US ORDERS OVER $40!* offers Free Express Shipping with UPS on US orders over $40*.

We want to ensure that you have the freshest product possible, so all orders are shipped immediately after they’re harvested and bottled. Bottles may be sealed and kept in packaging for up to a week without any loss, at which point they require more oxygen and their seals must be broken. For this reason we will not ship packages to remote destinations on Thursday or Friday, as we wish to avoid excess time spent by product in transit.  Orders placed after 3pm on Thursday ship Monday of the following week.  Upon request we will ship orders for Saturday delivery, a $25 dollar fee applies.

When you receive your bottles, you may not see any movement, which is normal. The zooplankton go into stasis during shipment and require oxygen and heat to awaken. Open the seal, and leave the bottle open at room temperature for a few hours before using for best results.

*For remote destinations shipping surcharges may apply beyond what is calculated at checkout.*