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About Us

Your Source for Live, Sustainably Grown,  Copepods and Rotifers Since 2015 is committed to providing the freshest sustainably aquacultured live foods for your reef. Our cultures are kept sterile and have never come into contact with water from a live reef system. Fresh live food, saltwater and phytoplankton are all you will ever receive in your bottles, there is no need to worry about contamination or illness.


We ship via Swiftpost Express across the US throughout the year. There is no temperature too cold for our products to withstand shipping. If your copepods arrive in stasis, slowly acclimate them to room temperature before adding them to the tank. We ship so as to ensure our products spend as little time in shipping as possible. Most packages arrive within 1-2 days from time of order. This means that we do not ship to some remote locations on or after Thursdays to ensure the product does not stay in a postal facility over the weekend. Please contact us for an exact quote for large orders or to discuss distribution opportunities.