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Culture your own Copepods

Want to learn more about setting up your own culture for copepods and rotifers, creating an endless source of food for your tank?Canada Copepods sp...

Reef Favourites: The Clownfish

Copepods are a natural prey item for wild clownfish and are a great source of nutrition for both growing larvae and adults, as the different life stages provide a wide array of different sized prey. Learn more here!

Phytoplankton – The Foundation of Your Tanks’s Foodchain

Phytoplankton are a diverse grouping of around 5,000 species of aquatic microorganisms consisting of eukaryotes, bacteria and archaea, all related ...

What is Zooplankton? Copepods and Rotifers Explained

Zooplankton are found near the bottom of the food chain. Feeding on phytoplankton (green water) and other small zooplankton, they in turn are the p...

How To Seed Your Tank With Live Copepods & Rotifers

How To Seed Your Tank With Live Copepods & Rotifers
Seed your tank with a live, self-sustaining food source today for a clean, low maintenance and healthy ecosystem. Find out more here!