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Zooplankton, such as copepods, that come into contact with microplastics often mistake them for food, as they can be the same size as their natural food.
Reef Food: Harpacticoida

Reef Food: Harpacticoida

The harpacticoids are an order of mostly benthic (living on surfaces) copepods found all over the world; living in the ocean, lakes, moist soil, groundwater…basically anywhere you can find water you can find a harpacticoid copepod, although most species are marine. Click Here To Read More.
Calanoida - Copepods With Heart

Calanoida - Copepods With Heart

To date there have been about 2000 species described in the copepod order Calanoida, which is probably just a fraction of what is left to be discov...


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It's hard to see what's in the bottle, but when we put the pods into our tank the fish went nuts!

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